Philadelphia based husband and wife duo are the architects behind the guitar-driven triad, LISACHRISTSUPERSTAR. Formerly Workhorse III, LISACHRISTSUPERSTAR consider themselves a hard rock band, but the diversity of their music makes them so much more! The one certainty is that vocalist/guitarist Lisa Lyne Flynn (aka LISACHRISTSUPERSTAR), bassist/vocalist Blunker and drummer Eric Perfect, worship at the altar of the mighty riff! The members have played in many well-known bands such as Savage 3D, Limecell and Pagan Babies. When you put these three explosive musicians together, you get a diverse pool of music in which to swim.

LisaChristSuperstar is excited to announce the release of their new record, Soundtrack of the Floating World, produced and recorded by the legendary Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo.